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Signs & Symptoms of burnout;


  • Lack of demarcation between home and personal life

  • Taking out frustrations on family and loved ones

  • Fatigue, despondency and despair  

  • Constant awareness of the lack of time available

  • Feelings of obligation, guilt and self-blame

  • Anxiety, negativity and loss of perspective

  • Work constantly clouding thoughts and dominating conversation

  • Intolerance of change and uncertainty  

  • Narrowing of focus as our brain becomes overcrowded




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Physical and mental capabilities are outstripped by demands, triggering adverse lifestyle adjustments to compensate in other areas. One person’s stress is another person’s opportunity; insufficient stress can cause boredom and depression, whereas being pleasantly challenged ignites enthusiasm, motivation, providing optimum stimulation.  


The immense pressure of working in a fast-paced environment under constant financial strain leaves the majority of us overwhelmed and susceptible to burnout. Burnout is progressive, gradually grinding you down, depleting energy reserves, dampening your spirit and inhibiting vitality. The process is exhausting and relentless, nevertheless it is preventable and balance and well-being can be restored.

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